A brand new video reflecting the unique Solideal On-Site Service experience

September 26, 2023

Get ready to dive into the Solideal On-Site Service (SOS) world! After several months of hard work, it is now time to reveal our brand-new promotional video. But first, here are the main ideas, the message, and creative approach that guided us through this project, in collaboration with TRZN Studio.

A breath of fresh air for SOS

The SOS service has evolved significantly over the years. Since 2015, we have had 5 videos available online, highlighting the features and operations of SOS. Although they are still relevant today, we wanted to incorporate new life into our video content. We are offering our audience a new auditory and visual experience, unlike anything we have done before. In our industry, vehicles can be dirty and raunchy, environments can be hazardous, and our technicians operate in these conditions every day. With transparency, we want to invite you into this reality, no embellishments, just authenticity.

An innovative and creative proposal

For this project, we went to North America to visit our customers: Toyota Material Handling Atlanta, Groupe Morneau, and NRC Industries. We captured every step of their experience with Solideal On-Site Service to create something truly unique. The aim was to reflect our mobile press service’s scale of quality and added value. We sought to convey Solideal On-Site Service’s commitment to service with excellence, efficiency, and consistency, but above all, to meet our customers’ expectations. No matter where the caller is located, our technicians come directly to their door and the experience remains the same. Through this video, you will see the work of our technicians from another angle. Difficult and precise work that requires particular attention to safety.

A trusted partner

SOS is so much more than just a forklift maintenance service. We are a team of professionals accompanying and supporting our clients’ decisions daily. We offer complete solutions for the material handling industry, in addition to unmatched performance and a significant reduction in downtime. During the viewing, you will go behind the scenes of each stage of the SOS mobile service. It is the result of considerable effort to capture the very essence of who we are: authentic, dedicated, proactive, and reliable. Always ready to keep your operations moving.

On behalf of the Solideal On-Site Service team, we are proud to present our promotional video

Filming locations: NRC Industries, Toyota Material Handling Atlanta, Groupe Morneau

Video by: TRZN Studio