Welcome to the all-new Solideal On-Site Service website! 

September 25, 2023

In our continuous effort to align the values of Solideal On-Site Service with your customer experience, we have completely revamped our website. From your doorstep to your online experience, we aim to make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible. The site has been meticulously designed with our customers’ primary goal in mind: to swiftly access top-notch service. We can’t wait to unveil all the exciting features our new website has to offer. 

A Fresh Interface 

Upon entering the site, you’ll immediately notice the vibrant new interface of Solideal On-Site Service. We’ve reimagined each section for smoother and more intuitive navigation. Considerable time has been invested in refining the user experience to ensure you find information quickly and efficiently. Navigating through the various tabs is now more straightforward. Whether you’re seeking information on our DNA, our service portfolio, or maintenance tips, you’ll gain swift access to the details you need. 

Exploring the Sections 

Solideal On-Site Service takes pride in offering a range of top-tier services, always placing emphasis on quality. Within the Services section of our new website, you can delve into our diverse specialties such as fleet analysis, mobile press, tire filling, and tire regrooving. Each service’s respective page provides in-depth insights. Additionally, we’ve included a Frequently Asked Questions section to address the queries most commonly raised by our valued customers. 

We’ve also introduced an Advice section featuring technical articles authored by tire industry experts. These articles will serve as a valuable resource, covering a spectrum of topics, from optimizing tire performance to ensuring both tire and forklift longevity through ideal maintenance practices. 

Our new website showcases our services and preventive maintenance programs while offering a deeper glimpse into the world of the Solideal On-Site Service brand. 

We are thrilled to finally present to you this new website, which is the culmination of dedicated work by our entire team. Committed to consistently delivering our finest services, we take immense pride in a site that truly reflects who we are. Solideal On-Site Service continues its unwavering pursuit of providing industry-leading services and exceptional customer experience. Our new website is a testament to this dedication and our aspiration to offer you the utmost in service. Please feel free to explore the site and its various sections. Thank you for visiting, and for your continuous loyalty to Solideal On-Site Service.